This renovated home began as a small undistinguished timberframe and panel structure from the 1970s. The southern orientation of the house lends itself to passive solar design. Large window also frame a view of Crotched Mountain in the distance. The design expanded the house and recalls the elements of classic New England style. A unique aspect of this design is the lower level main entrance. Previously, the primary entrance to the house was through sliding doors from the deck. The main level walkway from the second floor of the garage to the deck is constructed as a roof over the approach to the main entrance. Inside there is a spacious entrance hall with an inviting stair to the main level.

The interior is an open plan which uses three levels allowing each room to enjoy the suns warmth and the views. The main level houses the kitchen, great room and master suite. Two bedrooms occupy the second floor, while a family room and entrance hall are on the lower level.
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