Our services for the preservation of the former dormitory building for the Francestown Academy include the structural stabilization of the structure and adaptive reuse of the building as a museum to house the historical collection of the Francestown Improvement and Historical Society. The dormitory (Beehive as it has become known) was constructed in 1846 to provide living quarters for students attending the Francestown Academy. The structure fell into private ownership for many years but was recently purchased by the Francestown Improvement and Historical Society (FIHS).

We are working with FIHS to preserve the building which will serve both as a building museum and as well as house the a museum collection. We have worked closely with James L. Garvin, former NH State Architectural Historian on this project. The original interior configuration of the building is intact, along with much of the original architectural features. The design for the museum will use the existing configuration for display of artifacts.

The scope of the project includes extensive foundation repairs, installation of subterranean water and vapor controls, structural upgrades to support the new use of the structure, improvements to the roof structure to meet with current code requirements, and installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to support the building's use as a museum to display historical artifacts.
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