Brick House Roastery

Keene, NH

Built in the 1840s to house a mill manager and his family, this brick cape had become a vacant reminder of the city’s industrial past. Located on a main route into the city of Keene, its visibility lent itself to a curious transformation.

Coffee roasting involves large machinery and dedicated space. Storage is an ongoing problem for urban roasters.

To historically repurpose this building, MPA saved the 1840’s architectural elements and added industrial touches within an energy-efficient framework. The basement and crumbling first floor joists were removed and replaced with a concrete slab with radiant heat. A damaged front façade was replaced with glass panels that operate as wide, ambient-light doorways and offer an ideal way to display the high-tech roasting process linking the building to its industrial past.

A decrepit building that caught the eye of dreamers and historians alike was masterfully recreated as a stunning visual invitation to the possibilities of urban renovation. The Brick House Roastery is a testament to the power of reuse, curb appeal, and utility.

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