Granliden Cottage

Situated on the shore of Lake Sunapee, NH, this stand-alone cottage was constructed in the late 19th century as part of one of New England’s finest resorts at the time. Originally used to house resort staff, the cottage was converted into a private, single-family home in the 1970s when the resort was reimagined for residential properties.

The current owners enjoyed the cottage with their children as a vacation and second home for several years but now occupy it as their primary residence year-round, encouraging and welcoming frequent visits from their adult children, extended family, and friends.

While our client sought to transform their home to host and entertain large groups of family and friends more comfortably and improve the flow and function of their space, they were determined to preserve and honor the detail, architecture, and aesthetic of the existing house and the grand resort it had once been part of.

The home’s small, separate rooms that once offered private spaces for resort staff were transformed with an updated, open, and unified floor plan. The kitchen, which was a converted staff bedroom, and its adjacent rooms were reconsidered and opened to enhance the flow of the shared living space and create a hub for activities, celebrations, and relaxation. The addition of a new entryway/mudroom and a new laundry room provided functional, defined spaces to transition from outside to indoors more easily (and tidily) and helped maintain order and harmony.

The updated home not only accomplishes the goal of accommodating guests and gatherings comfortably and supporting the flow and activities of everyday living but also preserves the elements and aesthetic of a cottage that recalls and honors its past.

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