Island Pond Club

Off the beaten path in southwest New Hampshire and situated in a quintessential mountain lake setting, the owners of the “Island Pond Club,” as it’s known locally, purchased the private home and detached two-car garage as a vacation retreat in the early 2000s.

The client’s goal was to update the original garage and add a large new space above it to entertain friends and family separate from the main house. They were looking to achieve a cozy and fun, but sophisticated camp-like retreat well connected to its natural surroundings and reflecting the charm and history of the location.

Ideally situated on a prominent point on a cove overlooking Island Pond and blending with its natural surroundings, the building provided an ideal opportunity to design the Island Pond Club to capitalize on the view across the cove to the lake and its natural surroundings. Inspired by and incorporating elements from one of the client’s favorite local inns, the design recalls a time when people retreated from the city to a more rustically charming life in the mountains to enjoy outdoor sport, adventure, and relaxation.

An ideal spot to relax and recharge, the Island Pond Club pays homage to the lifestyle of past eras and achieves its goal to provide a rustically charming retreat for its owners and guests to gather, celebrate, and connect with one another and with nature.

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